Indian Night

Every Tuesday

This Week's Menu

Chicken Biryani

Vegetable Samosas





Full Dinner for 2: $40

Full Dinner for 4: $70

A traditional dish made from a tomato curry spiced and fused with rice. Tender cuts of whole chicken stew in the mix and makes for one delicious bite after the other. Nervous about the spice level? Mix in raita, our yogurt dressing prepared with cucumbers and cilantro to keep the taste but cool it down for you taste buds.

For a side, enjoy our vegetable samosas with primarily with soft seasoned potatoes in a crispy crunchy triangle coat. 


All meals served with chutneys, salad and dessert of our chef's choice! 

Reserve your meal at anytime!


Text/Call: 817-793-8053

Call: 817-921-5660

Or make a reservation in person at Cafe 4!  

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