Indian Night

Every Thursday

This Week's Menu

Chicken Biryani
Vegetable Samosa

Full Dinner for 2: $40

Full Dinner for 4: $70

This week is a classic Indian dish made from cuts of whole chicken cooked in a spiced tomato and onion curry, tossed with rice and seasoned with cilantro and saffron. Can't handle the heat? No worries, mix in raita, a yogurt dressing made to cool the spice level while maintain a delicious taste.

For your side, enjoy our vegetable samosas with primarily with soft seasoned potatoes in a crispy crunchy triangle coat.

All meals served with chutneys and dessert of our chef's choice! 

Reserve your meal at anytime!


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Call: 817-921-5660

Or make a reservation in person at Cafe 4!