Our story 

We are four sisters who disagree about almost everything! But our common denominator, is our love of food. We love to eat it, make it, read about it, smell it and bask in all things related to it! We are passionate about fresh ingredients, superior recipes and food fusion. So come and experience our delights in the kitchen today! 

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Noor: The one who started it all. Noor was a stay at home mom of three who had managed to perfect the art of making delicious macarons. After the recommendation of family members who loved the treat she started Macromania, a business page on Facebook, and sold macarons baked right in her kitchen! Noor was ready to take it a storefront when she found the perfect home in Park Hill. She invited her three sisters for the ride, and the rest is history.

Alina: Number 2, and force to be reckoned with! While Alina spent much of her time devoting her resources to homeschooling her three children, when invited to join start Cafe 4 she brought her talents to the table. Alina is responsible for the design of Cafe 4, from its colors to its centerpieces. She also bring select favorites from her kitchen to ours! 

Faryall: While not as cuisine inclined as her sisters, Faryall brings a cheery smile and is happy to welcome you all to Cafe 4! She maintains social media and online prescence and happy to serve the neighborhood.

Sidra: Last, but certainly not the least. Sidra is the heart and soul of Cafe 4, who burns the midnight oil and stands in the kitchen at all hours to bring you sweet goodies and special orders. A classically trained pastry chef (class of 2018 from the International Culinary Institute in New York City) Sidra brings her artistry to life in fantastic flavors and isn't afraid to let her pizzazz shine in her work, Sidra is also the lovely artist whose work in calligraphy is showcased all over the cafe. 

Come and meet us all at Cafe 4!